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Mental well being and personal growth are now easier with Happego.

Happego: Relaxing. Connecting. Belonging.

Happego is a patent pending psychological priming tool that works behind the scenes to help people achieve their goals.  It uses scientifically backed technology to implement desired changes via visual priming persuasion which helps condition the mind.


Embrace Diversity

Social priming has been shown to significantly..


Mindful Living

Psychological priming conditions the mind, setting the stage..


Improve money habits

Priming visual reminders helps people spend less & save more..


Enhance relationships

A recent study shows that regular priming..



Motivation is easy & continuous with psychological priming.


Inner peace

Serene images of nature have been linked to personal well being.


Strengthen faith

Consistent priming of spiritually related art encourages a deeper faith.


Character development

Create new behaviors by subtly reminding yourself..