“Both optimism and anxiety require us to imagine something that hasn’t happened yet. If we have the ability to worry about the future, it also means we have the ability to imagine a better one.” -Jess Ekstrom

Chances are you’ve heard or read the words “Black Lives Matter,” especially lately, but do you know what that really means? BLM is a human rights movement that focuses on ending systemic racism and wrongful violence where it occurs frequently – in black communities. 

This first starts by educating yourself and acknowledging that studies and history prove that systemic racism, racial discrimination, and police brutality exists. The goal of the movement is to focus on finding ways to improve ourselves and the system through accountability, policy changes, and criminal justice reform. Black people only make up 13% of the US population yet they suffer from the highest poverty rate, incarceration rate, and health problems. 

Why do you think this is and what can we do about it? 

There are many contributing factors that can be improved if we come together as a team. We need to work together to raise awareness to help improve black lives. We can celebrate diversity and share our opinions with the world instead of staying silent.

Let’s focus on being a part of the solution, not the problem. 

At Happego, we want to help! Our app is scientifically-backed and designed to prime the mind for desired changes. What happens is an effortless unconscious awareness of positive thoughts celebrating diversity.  

You can download the Celebrate Diversity pack in the Happego app today to get started, but don’t stop there! It’s also very important to speak out about these thoughts of equality, love, and justice for all to truly make a change. It starts with you. 

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