The New Student

When Jeremy's parents divorced, his life collapsed. Of course, Jeremy and his sister had seen their parents' marriage failed for the last two years: an infidel father, a workaholic Mother and the constant moving, the permanent changes. Although it sounds cliché, there were years in which for Jeremy and his family was way more practical keeping their clothes in a suitcase than in drawers. When your entire life fits in a box your need of freedom is more significant, he thought.

As contradictory as it may seem, having lived in several cities of 5 different countries before reaching age 15 is almost never a good idea, at least not when your parents' are practically never at home, and friends come and go. How to create structured thinking?, life goals and long-term relationships when you can't tell for sure in which High School you will finish Senior Year.

Some people can spend a lifetime clinging to the baby blanket with which they were baptized just months after being born. They found in that simple piece of fabric the comfort and tranquility of knowing they are protected in the same safe place where they were raised. All those symbols become lost in moving trucks, or they are left behind for exceeding luggage limits or get packed God knows where.

Moving is one of the most traumatic events that can be experienced, some psychologists compare it with the mourning the death of a loved one, and that is when we move a little part of ourselves stay in that place we called home. 

There are even military psychology studies addressing personality traits and characteristics of the children of full-time military service parents.  Known as "Military brats" is a lifestyle full of changes and stress due to the very fact of armed conflict.

 Of course, in Jeremy's case, there were no threats of mass destruction or terrorism, although at age 15, going to a new school, leaving all your friends and starting a new life, every six months, feels the same. 

For every new student, new co-worker or neighbor, everything is unknown, and the uncertainty can be overwhelming since they left everything known behind; Saying Hi! Offering them help can mean a world to them.

How well can you handle change? Do you welcome the new or reject it? What step have you recently taken outside of your comfort zone?  

Amit kumar