The Tattoo Artist: Gabriela

Gabriela is a 30 years tattoo Artist, who studied Arts for three but had to retire to help her parents during the financial problems that arose with the burst of the housing bubble. Especially interested in the Renaissance era was expected she turns to photorealism.

Tattooing produces a constant and rapid flow of money that grows during a crisis when the "now or never" spirit accelerates impulsive decision-making and with it the number of people who wanted an infinity symbol tattoed in their wrists or a "together forever" in their ribcages. 

For Gabriela, the important thing was that her parents didn't become homeless. So she gave up on finishing her career, for now, she says.The first days of sweeping the study and sitting down for no money only to watch others working were hard. Not to mention getting used to needles or working on a human canvas that feels pain, change minds or suffer cramps. Tattooing is not for the faint of heart. To prove her talent and that she could start working on real people she tattooed a portrait of her parents, inverted, on her left thigh.

Since then she has covered a good part of her body with tattoos and piercings, even a small heart-shaped scarification on the back of her ear to commemorate the birth of her first daughter Sally, who's already on the 2nd grade of primary school.

Sally wants to grow up to be an artist like her mother. Sometimes Gabriela finds Sally playing with markers and making designs on her skin or her friends. Some parents find the little tattoo artist's attempts funny; some don't.

For that reason, they cited Gabriela to a parents meeting. Sally had made a drawing of a man being pierced by needles; it looked like a human porcupine. "We had to support psychologically this poor girl who has been suffering the consequences of the dangerous job her mother practiced and, How could you blame the innocent child? Especially when her mother looks like "that."

Facing the corpus delicti, Gabriela immediately recognized the scene. A week earlier they had taken Sally's grandfather to the acupuncturist due to intense sciatica discomfort. Once the apologies ended, Gabriela announced she would change her daughter to another school. Apparently, the one she attended didn't promote diversity or tolerance. What would you have done being in Gabriela's shoes? Would you allow your children to learn to discriminate others just for their looks?

Have you ever felt discriminated for your appearance? How do you think about tattoos? Do you see them as a form of expression, a symbol of rebellion? Can you imagine a tattoo artist as a committed family person?

Amit kumar