Jennifer: The Millennial Sex-scandal

Jenniffer is supposed to identify herself with being a millennial. She was born in October 1997, but still, she doesn't feel like she belongs to any particular era, in fact, she likes many retro-inspired clothes and vintage memorabilia. Mainly from the Hollywood golden age.

She started a Youtube channel about cinema Stars from that era, but it's currently on hold. A small, yet loud, scandal that she suffered last holidays change her perspective.

When her boyfriend had his cell phone stolen in a local Pub, hem making love went viral. In a heartbeat, her friends and family were knocking her cellphone with messages and questions about it.

How can you love yourself so little? Asked one of her aunts. Of course, Jennifer could understand that a woman who has never left Grinnell, Iowa, tends to be that square,  but why to question her self-esteem when, on the contrary, a person must have a lot of self-confidence to allow to be recorded at such a private and vulnerable moment?

Of course, nobody feels comfortable with the role of pornstar being imposed, but if she learned something with her anthropology and sociology studies (still doesn't know which one to pursue) is that sexuality is something entirely natural to the human body and society.

ichel Foucault in "L'Histoire de la sexualité" points out that sexual pathologies didn't exist until the idea of exual deviance was constructed. A woman and her boyfriend, both over 21 years, having consent sexual intercourse is not malicious per se,  the wicked thing is the fact of feeling free enough to video record themselves.

But, if it was agreed, what's the big deal? What to do now with all that shamming and exposure? How can a couple survive all that pressure? Luckily, the video turned out to unite them more. Both agree that sexuality shouldn't embarrass anyone; Though erotic games should remain private, this scandal its temporary, not only in social media but their lives.

In fact, they're thinking of marketing shirts that say "Love is natural" and transform the theme of the Youtube channel into support for victims of bullying and CyberShamming, so they decided to put it on hold, changing the platform, the banners, and social networks.

What do you think about internet scandals? Have you stopped to consider the origin of the content you share? What would you do if you see yourself exposed like that? If your children are exposed like that? Emotional support and forgiveness should always come first.

Amit kumar