Prime healthy habits all day

"If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place." -Lao-Tzu


Happego seamlessly uses screens to improve attitudes and change behaviors to achieve goals.


Customize priming images on your phone and screens, per your goals.


Happego helps everyday people, mental-health clients, behavioral specialists, students and employees achieve their goals.

How It Works

Use screen-time to enhance healthy mental processes. Science-backed cues are subtly integrated to support healthy habits without interrupting normal use.


Image flashes for ~ 1 second

Connects to an unconscious motivation

Stimulates neural pathways

Changes habits

Happego connects conscious goals to unconscious motivations, simplifying success! Dismantle the chains that are unintentionally controlling your life.


Creating lasting change is easier with continuous and regular reminders. Immediately impact unconscious habits.

Innovative, scientific, effective and effortless priming tool. Try it for free today.


Impact the unseen psychological forces that are at work as you go about your daily life. Develop better habits in areas like race, relationships, parenting, business, finances, fitness and health. (citation)


Non-intentional effects of habits, impulses, and unconscious goals, occur through the activation of cognitive structures. Poor emotional health can weaken your body’s immune system, leading to auto immune disorders and major health problems.(citation)

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Priming has emerged as a valuable tool within the psychological study of religion, allowing for tests of religion’s causal effect on a number of psychological outcomes, such as pro-social behavior.(citation)

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There is overwhelming evidence in the behavioral sciences that consciously set goals can increase an employee’s performance. Social psychologists have shown that goals can be primed successfully. (citation)

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Spouses who viewed their partners paired with positive stimuli demonstrated more positive automatic partner attitudes than did control spouses, and these attitudes predicted increased self-reported marital satisfaction over time.(Citation)

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Your body can achieve what your mind perceives. Condition the brain to link everyday healthy choices and the benefits they bring with Happego.

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Fitness is more than what you see on magazine covers. It’s different for everyone. A mother should be fit enough to play with her kids while juggling work and home and everything in between whereas an athlete should be able to run marathons. Learn what is a priority for you and stop the pain of unnecessary comparisons.(Citation)

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Psychologists reveals that diet priming is one of the approaches that activate goal pursuit unconsciously. It checks unhealthy eating with the temptation of food in daily situations.(Citation)

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Subtle cues can exert large, unconscious influences and have replicable effects on human behavior.  Behavioural priming increases the tendency to engage in a particular behavioral goal more spontaneously.(Citation)

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There are scores of theories formulated by researchers and psychologists that show how the flow of ideas, especially how our social groups spread ideas and turn those ideas into behaviors. Combat group thinking and increase individuality with Happego.(Citation)

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Earn more or detach from harmful spending habits with Happego. Implicitly activating money motivates individuals to work more and increases productivity.

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Solicitude, sympathy and thoughtfulness have endearing effects on our mind. Compassion is the key to a fuller life!

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