Hyper Empathy – Can You Care Too Much?

The term hyper-empathy is categorized in the DMS (the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) as a Personality Disorder. According to Psychology Today, hyper-empathy can occur when genes influence certain chemicals in...

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The Truth Has No Sponsor

Balanced Empathy - Brought To You... Buy! “Negative people look for (and always find) confirmation for the negative, just as positive people look for and find the lightness of being. Both exist. Both are real and are always with us. The difference is as basic as a...

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The Manipulator & Manipulated

With open eyes and alert minds we can begin the task of untangling so many toxic ties, breaking generational habits, and moving forward deliberately into a more equitable and peaceful life, at home, at work, and around the world.

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Is ‘Suicide Awareness’ a Force For Good?

We are fortunate that we’re increasing our understanding of human psychology with each passing generation. While decades ago, we may have struggled with deep topics surrounding psychological distress, it’s wonderful that we live in increasingly enlightened times....

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