Spring is right around the corner. While you may begin cleaning out your closets in preparation for a new season, you may want to think about doing something similar for your body and mind. We’re talking about shedding any negativity and becoming more conscious about your mental health and your physical hygiene.

And don’t worry — we’ve got plenty of ideas to give you a headstart. Spring isn’t here yet but it will be soon. So, get those habits dialed in now. In this article, we’re going to explain exactly how you can do just that.

Spring Clean Your Brain

The winter months tend to drag. And the cold weather leaves many of us stuck indoors. Inevitably, this decreases entertainment and activity options. 

You might lay on the couch after work, mindlessly scrolling through social media and getting blasted with ads. Half an hour rolls by, then an hour… Before you know it, you’ve unconsciously wasted hours of your time on something that doesn’t offer up a ton of positivity or mental health benefits.

Sound familiar? 

We’ve all been there. And it’s time to quit that mindless scrolling! 

Consider this: Don’t touch your phone or social media within the first hour of waking up. If this is too much to start, try – at least – 15 minutes when you first wake up. When working, set your phone out of reach. This prevents you from absent-mindedly reaching for it and checking your social media. 

In addition, plan activities to do after work and on weekends. Be proactive, rather than letting life take its course. Fill your life with the company you love and activities you enjoy. 

Not sure what that might involve? Here are a few ideas:

  • Go for a hike and get active. 
  • Find a creative outlet, such as painting or writing.
  • Treat yourself to some self-care, like a warm Epsom salt bath. 
  • Meditate!  Research shows that meditation has many benefits for your mental well-being and even, your physical health.
  • Begin a gratitude practice. Each day, set aside about 10-15 minutes. Write down everything you are grateful for, and really feel it when you write it down. 
  • Journal. Writing your thoughts out can have a huge therapeutic effect. Suppressing emotions is never a good thing. Yet, letting them out in a healthy way, such as writing, can alleviate stress and anxiety in your life.
  • Download the Happego app! Prime your mind to change your bad habits and achieve your goals.

Spring Clean Your Body

Taking care of your body and mind goes hand-in-hand. If your physical health suffers, it’s likely your mental health will too, and vice versa. 

Taking care of your body and proper hygiene is critical to lead a long, happy, and fulfilling life. This may mean moving your body more or treating it to gentle movement (like yoga). It also means washing your hands regularly (and this has never been more important than right now). 

Get this: The average person comes into contact with 300 surfaces every 30 minutes. This means that you’re exposed to 840 000 germs each half hour!

The main problem here? Most people only wash their hands for 6 seconds (Yes, you read that right!). This fails to effectively wash away germs that could lead to illness. 

The general recommendation is to wash your hands regularly, including when you enter your home or before you sit down to eat. Experts also agree that you should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. This timing lasts about as long as singing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice. 

At Happego, we’re here to help reinforce these healthy mental and physical habits. Using the happy hygiene section of the Happego app can remind you to wash your hands frequently and regularly. Download the app today to cleanse your body and mind — and get ready for spring!