As the world reflects back on the past year, it’s safe to say that we still aren’t out of the clear. COVID-19 is still very prominent in most parts of the world. And even when the world is vaccinated, there will likely be various repercussions. 

With another holiday fast approaching, many of us already know that we won’t be able to necessarily spend it with those we love — at least not in person! The positive side is that technology still allows for connection. You can plan virtual dinners, activities, or gatherings.

Along with Easter, there’s Lent. Lent makes up the six weeks leading up to Easter. Many people choose this time to give up something. It tests self-discipline, as well as symbolizes sacrifice in religious circles. And it seriously helps some individuals get on the right track toward their health or life goals.

While Easter and Lent look a little different this year (as they did last), let’s make this year’s celebration still count. This means using this time to forward your goals — as well as celebrate in the best way you can. In this article, we’re going to offer up some ideas on how you can do just that.

Celebrating Easter & Lent (Despite COVID-19)

So, what are some safe ways to celebrate Easter this year? And how can you achieve your goals during Lent? We’ve got a few ideas!

To celebrate Easter, try these:

  • Virtual egg decoration get-togethers – You can even have a bit of a competition here if you so choose. Spend time with the ones you love decorating, then have everyone vote on their favorite one. The winner gets bragging rights!
  • Play Easter games together – Organize an Easter Bingo or any other game you can think of while tying in Easter as the theme. For families with children, you can also facetime each other while your kids are doing an egg hunt.
  • Attend a virtual Easter church service – This is for those that usually attend church during the Easter weekend. Most churches are doing this during COVID. Check with your local church to see if they have plans for a virtual viewing.
  • Dress up and eat together – While you can’t go out or over to your family’s home, you can still get dressed up and have a nice dinner all together. If you plan ahead, you could even coordinate the same food to eat.

For Lent, you may have given up something that usually you love. For example, many people give up drinking, sugar, or even just chocolate. Typically, the goal is to give up an indulgence — something you may love but you don’t need, especially when it comes to your health. 

The great news here is that six weeks is the perfect start when it comes to shedding bad habits and making room for new ones. Research tends to suggest that it takes about 10 weeks to form a habit. After six weeks, you’re already more than halfway there!

If you’re struggling, here are a few tips to keep it up:

  • Remind yourself of your ‘why.’ 
  • Give yourself positive reinforcement. This may be as simple as positive and encouraging self-talk or as complex as making yourself an extravagant (but healthy) meal.
  • Plan ahead. Scheduling and planning can ensure you stick to your goals!
  • Buddy up! Have a friend or family member give up something with you. Text or call each other to check in and encourage one another.
  • Use the Happego app to prime your mind for all good things!

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