Anyone who has ever experienced the instant boost a cute puppy pic or a droll cat video can give you in the middle of a dreary day understands that pictures have power. 

  1. Pictures are powerful mood modulators

Humans are visual beings. The things we see around us influence our mood and perceptions. And because we are social beings, we transfer our moods and feelings to others who share our physical or digital space.  It’s like a game of emotional dominoes. 

Sending your loved ones pictures of cute puppies blissfully asleep in a basket, videos of funny felines chasing their own tails or happy snappies of magnificent landscapes embossed with slogans like “Believe and succeed” can positively affect their mood. 

When researchers in the UK and US paired pictures with words or short phrases, they were able to generate positive feelings in people suffering from dysphoria – a feeling of general unease and dissatisfaction with life. (

So, use the power of pics to boost the mood of those closest to you.  Your friends and family will love you for it. And your efforts to prime them for positivity will strengthen the bond between you.

  1. Laughter is like social superglue

Humor acts like social superglue. If you manage to make people laugh, they stick to you. A study done in France suggests that constructive humor correlated with greater relationship satisfaction in the case of men, especially. So make your man laugh. Don’t hold back on the funny memes. 

Humorous pictures, videos and memes create connection, facilitate communication and bring variety and lightness to relationships. These visual “lighting conductors” help partners ease interpersonal tensions and deal with difficult issues in a light-hearted manner. (

Those who laugh together stay together.

  1. Be the “prime” motivator in your relationships

Be a motivator. The people in your life will appreciate your efforts to boost their self-esteem and your willingness to help them unlock their potential. And this will endear them to you.

A very effective way to prime your friends and family psychologically for success and life satisfaction is sending them picture-and-word combinations that lift their spirits, inspire them to be their best selves and boost their motivation. 

Words that celebrate and affirm life are powerful psychological tools. Well-chosen pictures are equally potent.  Together words and pictures have the ability to condition the mind for positive change. 

If searching for motivational pictures or creating your own inspiring picture-word collages is not your thing, let Happego do the work for you. The app uses positive priming to improve people’s mood.  With Happego, your only job is to be the domino that sets in motion a chain reaction of positivity, optimism and inspiration.   

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