My whole life I’ve been skeptical of attorneys, politicians and religious leaders. But I would like to set the record straight for my own peace of mind. I was throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I was biased!

My attorneys have been a guiding light for over 15 years. The judicial system has been fair and unbiased in all of my interactions with it, and I know that the majority of our politicians and faith leaders have donated time and energy for a greater good.

Are there exceptions to this? Absolutely. But in my experience, they have been honest, caring, transparent and have worked hard to serve the people.

My own biases were brought into the light when one of my attorneys spent unpaid time guiding me on political and moral issues. I also am fortunate to know another attorney that has had my back for 15 years. He’s been a trusted source of wisdom and a friend that I rely heavily upon. After learning that my newest lawyer was being deployed again in January, I knew it was time to let go of my former skepticism. This man is a young dad, husband, and attorney who serves in the reserves.

It reminds me of how much people are willing to give up in order to protect and serve. I’m so grateful for their help and kindness.

Even though I have opinions about politics and religion, I remain humbled with the amount of information and hard decisions that I am not burdened with daily. And I’m always impressed with the courageous group who lead this country and our world.

With a huge heart, I want to take a moment to thank ALL the people who make personal sacrifices in order to help others.